To My Daughter
A tiny turned up nose, two cheeks just like a rose,so sweet from head to toe…that little girl of mine.


13.  You have reminded me of this day, every day for the past year.  You are officially a teenager and I am offically a mom of two teens plus two littles (and finding more gray hair every single day).  A list of your favorite things include (in random order):  coke, acting, teaching yourself guitar, going to church (any day of the week), loving on toddlers, making mug cakes, being around your friends, and (thankfully) hanging with your mama.   Your smile is one of your best physical features and can light up my heart on the darkest of days.  You and me, we are in this together and going to do this teenage thing head on…trusting Jesus to help us every step of the way….

“You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”
Psalm 16:11
Dear Abbey — Watching you grow into a little woman is nothing more than a treasured gift to this mama.  You are brave, you are bold, you are fierce.  May these gifts the Lord has given you be cultured with care and steered gently with the help of the Holy Spirit so that you may continue to grow in His grace and favor and declare the beauty of His great work to all.  He has blessed you with so many talents and a tender, gracious heart towards others.  I pray as your mom that I can guide you in gentleness and love and train you to know who you are and whose you are.  I will fail at my job more times than I would like to admit, but may my failure only be a testament of the fact that His grace is more than sufficient and Jesus is all.  You are loved baby girl…by this mama, and more importantly, by Him…

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